Ship Repair

Ship dry docking for Repair & Conversion for:

Vessels to 35,000DWT or LOA 175m, Barges & Tug boats of unlimited sizes

Ship Repair:

♦  Tail Shaft/Propeller/Rudder: Withdrawal, seal box overhaul, bush/metal bearing replacement/recondition

♦  Engine Room Machineries: Main & Aux. engines, pumps, purifiers, air receivers, heat exchangers

1. Cooler overhaul:

2. Air receiver clean/mountings overhaul:

3. Main engine with bearing overhaul/inspection:

♦  Deck Machineries: Deck & provision cranes, winches, hatch cover c/w hydraulic system , mush room component, vent heads .,etc …overhaul/replacement

1. Deck & provision cranes, winches, hatch cover c/w hydraulic system , component .,etc …overhaul/replacement:

2. Winch gear, gypsy teeth, mush room component .,etc …repair/replacement:

♦  Boiler & EG Economizer: Cleaning, build up refractory, retubing, mounting/safety valves., etc overhaul

1. Mounting/safety valves overhaul:

2. Boiler retubing:

♦  Electrical control/Navigation systems: MSB/ESB/Console/Equip CP trouble shooting, cleaning & test, IAS/AMS/Fire detection system service

♦  Generator/Electric motor: Cleaning/heating/megger test/rewinding

♦  Hull structure: Afloat & docking structure/side shell, hatch covers repair/replacement

1. Hull side shell renewal:

2. C-deck hatch cover new fabrication:

♦  Piping modification/replacement & test:

♦  Accommodation/Carpentry:

♦  HVAC/Refrigeration system: Installation/service

♦  Coating applications: Chipping/blasting/painting/Cleaning: Hull/Cargo holds & WB/Oil & chemical tanks